Flatten FCP Projects

The guaranteed way to caption/title FCP projects

Jan 23, 2022

Simon Says has now added support for FCPX share destination so there is no need to flatten FCP Project: please see this article to learn more.


The Simon Says extension supports importing of FCP Projects. We have seen users encounter errors such as with memory (when transcoding out an FCP project) or with how FCP/Simon Says handle exporting certain clip types (like compounds) in certain situations.

We have a guaranteed solution.
It is an extra step but it will unequivocally work so you can get captions / titles to your FCP project.

Here is the guaranteed workaround:

  1. Export your FCP project, without music and sound effects tracks, to a clip. That is, you are flattening your project. You can use a low low res video setting and 16khz mono for audio.
  2. Bring back that exported clip to FCP and place it in a new, clean FCP project.
  3. Drag that new FCP project to the Simon Says extension and transcribe.
  4. Drag back FCP captions or titles, whichever is your preference.
  5. Copy the captions / titles, that are now attached to this new project, to the original project.

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