Optimizing your FCP X Ranges XML

Speaker names, favorites, and notes transpose into the Ranges XML which makes editing so much faster.

Jan 23, 2022

Simon Says makes FCP X Ranges delightful with favorites, speaker names, and notes.


Once you import your FCP X Event with clips (simple, multicam, sync, compound clips) into the Simon Says Extension, you can view the transcript there or on the website. That transcript is editable like a Google doc.

You can:
-Create new paragraphs or combine them.
-Bookmark key paragraphs and annotate them.
-Even add speaker labels.

Bookmarks in Simon Says = Favorites in FCPX

Strikethrough in Simon Says = Rejected in FCPX

Notes in Simon Says = Markers in FCPX

Speaker name and Transcription = Keyword and Notes, respectively, in FCPX

When you export the FCPXML ranges, it will be rich with metadata and make your editing life much better.

HACK: if transcript paragraphs are too big, you can break them down so the range is smaller. Export your transcript to the visual subtitle editor and set the character and line count. Then export to FCPXML ranges and the transcript ranges will now be smaller in FCPX.

View your transcript with favorites and bookmarks in FCPX

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