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“I went to Argentina to speak to mumbling goat herders 🐐 ...I’m pretty amazed how much Simon Says got right.”


That remains the best place to go to transcribe, edit and export files with the greatest flexibility.

-Larry Jordan
-Larry Jordan
Production extraordinaire, Digital Production BuZZ founder, and Producers Guild of America member.

The updated [Simon Says] on-premise transcription solution goes hand-in-hand with an improved Mac/PC application that now has a more accurate A.I. engine and faster interface.


A very powerful tool that can help transcribe your recordings quickly.

-Martin T.
-Martin T.

The accuracy of the transcription is amazing.

-Elizabeth M.
-Elizabeth M.

love, Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE!!! Made our research so much easier.


I used this yesterday for the first time. Impressive.

Producer, DW, Germany

People are always thrilled when I show them the possibilities of Simon Says.

IT head for a large production house

I'm going to continue to spread the word of value (and speed) your product offers.

Associate producer

Your product was recommended for my edit and I am so grateful it was and you have built what you have.


Simon Says, an extremely efficient transcription service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the Inside Scoop on Simon Says AI

Yes, you can edit the subtitles generated by Simon Says AI using the Visual Subtitle Editor.

This tool allows you to adjust text, timings, and formatting, including the number of characters per line and the layout of subtitle cards. You can export the subtitles in various formats or burn them directly into your video.

Simon Says AI boasts industry-leading accuracy thanks to its advanced machine learning algorithms. However, accuracy can be influenced by factors like audio quality and speaker accents. We recommend reviewing transcripts for any minor errors.

Simon Says AI supports a wide range of audio and video file formats for transcription and translation. It can handle almost all file formats and codecs, making it highly flexible and accommodating for various professional workflows.

This includes popular formats such as MP3, MP4 and MOV, and the platform often transcodes files as necessary to prepare them for transcription​

Yes, Simon Says AI is compliant with both the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They ensure that their systems and implementation measures adhere strictly to these regulations. This includes safeguarding personal data, providing rights such as the ability to access, correct, and delete personal information, and ensuring data portability and object rights.

Transcribe, Translate, & Collaborate in minutes

Simon Says transcript editorsimon says ai transcription

1. Upload / Import your audio and video files.

2. Pay. Cost is based on audio/video duration and as low as 5¢/minute.

3. Transcribing & Translating completes in minutes.

4. Edit, annotate, collaborate, and export to Word, subtitles, Adobe Premiere, Resolve, FCP, & Avid.

With none of the aggravation

Simon Says AI has you covered and with dozens of export options.

Create an assembly edit; caption a video for social media; subtitle a film for international distribution; and collaborate with your team and clients.

Simon Says export optionssimon says export options
  • Accurate A.I.
    Transcribe, subtitle, translate in 100 languages.
    Accurate A.I.
  • Teams
    Collaborate with colleagues,
    share with clients
  • Frame accurate
    Sync to TC and frame rate, drop and non-drop
    Frame accurate
  • Speaker identification
    Transcript, separated by speakers
    Speaker identification


How it works

  • World-classtranscript editor
    transcript editor
    Transcript-video sync to easily edit, annotate, and bookmark.
  • Export
    For Word, FCPX, Adobe, subtitle formats, Avid, & more!
  • Custom dictionaries
    Custom dictionaries
    Names and nomenclature for increased accuracy
  • Security
    Your files are yours, private and confidential. Machine transcription only.

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