Rough cuts, transcription, & subtitles used to be frustrating.
We solved it.

Built for video pros,
powered by advanced A.I.,
designed to get you back to work fast.

Transcribe. Assemble. Subtitle. Translate. Caption. Collaborate.

Transcribe your audio & video files

Simon Says supports 100+ languages, almost all production audio and video formats & codecs, and files up to 4 hours in duration. New users get free credit and the cost is based on the duration of your media files.

Transcription is ready in minutes.

Subtitle & Translate, Edit & Collaborate

Once you have your transcript, you can edit, bookmark, annotate, and share it


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Transcribe, Assemble, Caption, Export 💃

Drag in your audio and video. Transcription is swift and accurate. It completes in...ok it's done!
See the magic of our video-transcript editor where the two are always in sync. Bookmark the soundbites.
Then assemble them to edit your video. Really. Export to Word, audio/video editing apps, and caption.

Get back to work fast. 🕺

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Optimized for your Mac 💻

Use this application as a speedy way to import files and transcribe from your Mac. Add speaker names. Bookmark and annotate paragraphs. And export to dozens of formats.

Simon Says on Mac App Store
Adobe Premiere Pro EXTENSION

Built for Adobe Premiere Pro

Transcribe your clips and attach transcript markers to them so you can find the key soundbites.
And at the end of post production caption, subtitle, and translate your edit and receive subtitles for your sequence.

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Transcribe with A.I., attach markers to clips
DaVinci Resolve Extension

Built for Resolve 🎥

Captions & translated subtitles for your timelines. Transcript markers and notes for your clips, color-coded by speaker. Right from within Resolve. For Mac and Windows.

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Simon Says for FCPX
Final Cut Pro Extension

Built for FCP 🎥

The Simon Says Final Cut Pro extension handles all your FCP workflows.
At the beginning of post production transcribe your clips (multicam, sync, compound) to receive ranges.
And at the end of post caption, subtitle, and translate your edit and receive FCPXML captions & titles.

Simon Says on Mac App Store
Simon Says for Mac/PC on-premise app
Mac/PC on-premISE

High-security with a friendly interface 🔒

  • Runs completely locally and on air-gapped Macs/PCs

  • Accurate, affordable, setup in 10 mins.

  • Drag in your audio and video files; transcribe in dozens of languages in minutes; export subtitles, text, and to your NLE.

  • For those with SOC2, TPN, MPAA, HIPAA compliance. Will make your CISO / IT Director 😀

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Simon Says iPhone

Transcribe meetings 📱

Record and transcribe your production meetings and interview audio, irrespective of whether they occur in Arabic, English, Zulu, or 100 other languages.
Or view, share, and export your transcribed projects when on the go.

Simon Says on the iOS App Store

Ready to be un-frustrated?

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