How to Translate Your Project

Translation is a TWO-step process

Jan 23, 2022

Transcribe first in the original language.
THEN translate into the desired language(s).

Why? First, Simon Says turns the audio into text (transcription). Then it does a text to text translation.

Translate from the original paragraphed transcript, not from subtitled text (a.k.a. the visual subtitle editor which previews how subtitles will be split) because the translation AI has more context with paragraphs and thus the accuracy will be higher.

Watch this short tutorial video or see the steps below:

(to view the video subtitles in a different language, click the settings icon in the video and select an available language from Subtitles/CC)


  1. Upload your audio file and transcribe your project. This means select the original language your audio is in.

Do NOT select the language you want to translate the audio to.

For example, if you have an English video, select "English" here in this step.

Select the original language to transcribe

2. Once you get your transcript: make any edits and click Export;

3. Select Translate and the desired language(s) to translate your project into;

Select the language(s) to translate to

4. Pay.

Pay for your translation

TaDa! Translation occurs in seconds.

Your translated project (once you've completed the above steps):
In your dashboard you will now see a new project with the appendix "-TRANSLATED."

Click it to open the project and then you will see the original transcription PLUS the translated transcription. To switch between transcripts, click the arrow beside the file name to reveal the clickable list.

View the different language files in your translated project

You can also see the original language of individual cards by clicking the blue annotation symbol next to the card.

See the original language entry in the Notes

Translation is billed at the same per minute rate as transcription for your respective plan or you can use your credit too.

If you are on Pay As You Go, the cost for translation is 25¢/minute. If you are on a Monthly plan or Annual plan, your cost can be as low as 8.3¢/minute. If your account has credit, these will instead be applied to the translation cost.

Translated projects maintain timecode per word, bookmarks, and annotations, and are editable. They can be exported to the range of formats we support.

Projects are translated using AI. There will be errors. The more accurate your transcript, the more accurate your translation.

Languages we support

Search the desired language here:

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