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Do you have an SRT caption file that you want to convert into Avid SubCap?

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Our Simon Says Values

We worked in film and TV.

We know how painful transcription and translation of audio and video and in post production can be.

It is slow and expensive.
And reaaaaallllly frustrating.

So we built Simon Says.

Simon Says swiftly and accurately turns your media files into the written form with advanced artificial intelligence -- in minutes and for pennies.

And we do this in a way that the transcript is extremely flexible, as you need it: bookmark and discuss the transcript with production teammates on the site. Cut from it as markers right in your NLE. Or export it to a Word doc, subtitles, and to your video editing application.

Oh! Did we tell you we support 100 languages covering almost the entire planet??!

So you focus on capturing the best interviews, getting the perfect recording, and cutting that creative video that deeply engages your audience upon distribution. In any language.

We will handle the tedious so your time is freed to focus on more important work.

Welcome to working better.
Welcome to Simon Says.

Try Simon Says for free.

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