Powerful A.I. meets robust exporting

Transcribe, Assemble, Subtitle, Caption, Translate, & Collaborate


Accurately turn audio into text

In minutes, convert interviews, speeches, recordings, rushes, & dailies into time-coded text.
Transcripts are editable like a Google doc and speakers are automatically identified.
Then export to dozens of formats, including all the major video editing applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Apple's Final Cut Pro X.
If you have stringent security conditions, check out our 🔒on-premise product.


Edit video by marking soundbites

Make an assembly edit (a.k.a. paper edit or rough cut) simply by highlighting the soundbites in the transcript text and ordering them to form the spine of your video. The video instantly forms so you can preview the edit right from your browser. Invite your team and then export to your video editing application to finish your cut.

It's really as magical as it sounds. Try it.

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Subtitle / Caption / BURN-IN

Create accessible content and video for social media

Your video is ready for sharing, and now you need to add captions and subtitles - especially in the age of inclusivity and social media where users often view video on mute while reading the dialogue.
With Simon Says, you can create subtitles in CEA-608 and CEA-708 broadcast standards, customized to your needs for YouTube and Facebook. You can even burn-in the subtitles to your video for even more accessibility.


Reach more people

In a few clicks, translate your transcript and subtitles into dozens of languages and for international distribution.
You can even burn-in the subtitles onto your video.
If you've recorded an interview in a foreign language with a fixer, you can also transcribe and translate those too - with timecode.

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Team collaboration

Edit better

Our cloud applications are built for teams to work faster and better together. Invite teammates to do a quick edit on the transcript or identify the meaningful parts of an interview, and then share it with your video editors so they can begin cutting faster.
You can even invite clients to identify the most important parts of an interview or preview an assembly edit, all without even opening up your NLE.

For enterprises:

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