Why a Simon Says Mac app / FCP X Extension?

Speed up the process of transcription/translation --> get you back to more important work

Jan 23, 2022

The Simon Says Mac app and FCP X Extension is intended to speed up the process of transcription/translation and get you back to more important work. By integrating Simon Says right into FCP X, you can now transcribe and translate your dailies and final edits without ever leaving FCP X!

How-to: Using the macOS app/FCPX Extension:

To see subtitles in a different language, click the settings icon in the video and select an available language from Subtitles/CC

What you can do in the Extension:

  • transcribe and translate FCP clips contained inside events and export back ranges with speaker names and transcribed dialog as notes (via drag and drop)
  • transcribe/translate FCP projects and export back captions/titles (via drag and drop)
  • Edit transcripts in the extension itself

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