How to receive video proxies on Simon Says website from the Mac app

Turn off (or on) video proxy transcoding in the Mac app/FCPX extension

Jan 23, 2022

The Simon Says Mac app and Final Cut Pro X Extension transcodes all media as audio and video proxies by default.

You may want to consider turning off transcoding with video as transcoding and uploading will be faster.

There are two ways to turn off or on video proxies:

Open the Simon Says mac app from the Applications folder and from the File menu, select "Import with video".

Alternatively and because FCP extensions don't have their own menu, you can click the + icon on the import screen three times. You will see a film emoji appear or disappear if you did it correctly.

When you see the film emoji, audio and video proxies are on.

When you don't see it, only audio proxies will transcode and upload.

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