How much does it cost?

There are different price plans and subscription plans include credit

Jan 23, 2022

The cost for transcription, translation, and burn-in subtitles is based on the duration of your audio and video files, rounded to the minute.

Subscription plans include a bunch of benefits, such as they include credit with their plans. These benefits persist while there is an active subscription; benefits, such as credit, do not carry forward once your subscription expires.

As you transcribe, credit is deducted from your total.

If you need more credit, you can add more as you need.

We don't have plans that include unlimited credit.

Subscription Credit Roll over: If you subscribe and you don't use all your credit in the period, it rolls over to the next period for up to three periods. Example: if you have 2 hours of credit leftover at the end of the month, those 2 hours of credit will carry over to the next month to use.

There is no cost to export, such as to Word, subtitles, and your audio/video editing application format.

Here are our Pay As You Go and subscription plans where you can see how many hours credit are included and how much the cost per minute/hour is when you go over the included credit.

A cost comparison to transcribe 20 hours in 1 month, per plan:

Pay As You Go
Monthly Fee: 0
Cost (per hour): $15
Project Cost: 20 hours x $15 = $300
Total Cost = $300

Starter Monthly
Monthly Fee: $20
Cost (per hour): $7.50

Included credit: 2 hours

Additional credit needed: 18 hours
Project Cost: 18 hours x $7.50 = $135
Total Cost = $155

Pro Monthly
Monthly Fee: $35
Cost (per hour): $6.50

Included credit: 4 hours

Additional credit needed: 16 hours
Project Cost: 16 hours x $6.50 = $104
Total Cost = $139

Pro+ Monthly
Monthly Fee: $100
Cost (per hour): $4

Included credit: 30 hours

Additional credit needed: 0
Total Cost = $100

Translation is the same per hour cost as transcription cost in your plan. You can apply credit towards translation and burn-in subtitles too.

N.B.: Translation is a two-step process. First you need to convert your audio into text in the same language. Then you need to translate the text to text in the new desired languages. How to translate.

*There are additional benefits, besides included credit and the reduction of transcription cost, by subscribing to a plan. Please see the pricing page for full details.

**Transcription, translation, and burn-in subtitles are three separate processes and charges.

**There is a minimum charge of $2 per transaction due to payment processor minimum fees. Cost is calculated per duration of project. To surpass the $2 minimum, you can either:

  • bundle your short files together as one project
  • or buy prepaid credit from your dashboard

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