Sorry, we don't provide refunds. Please cancel your plan prior to renewal.

Jan 23, 2022


Simon Says is a self-service site: you can subscribe and unsubscribe as and when you like. To prevent a renewal charge for your subscription, cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date.

If you don't want to be on a subscription, please stick to the default plan option of "Pay As You Go" or prepay for credit which does not have an ongoing commitment.

Accuracy Issues:

Simon Says uses advanced artificial intelligence (A.I.) software to transcribe and translate your files. While A.I. has come a long way, it does not work well in every situation, especially when the audio recording is crummy.

The greatest correlation to get accurate transcription is by improving the quality of your audio recording. This means: use directional or lapel mics and limit or remove background noise. Here are some other tips.

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