A Killing on the Cape Episode 6: The Interview | ABC News Podcast (transcript)

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A Killing on the Cape Episode 6: The Interview | ABC News Podcast

Length: 41 mins

Mark Remillard: Last time on A Killing on the Cape.

Dan Abrams: For Cape Cod, this was the trial of the century. There had never been anything like this in recent memory.

Robert Lyon: This case has to do with a horrendous crime as defined by our laws.

Bob George: The statement is not worth the paper it's written on.

I went into closing argument believing I had, at the very least, a case of reasonable doubt.

Robert Welch: We, the jury, ask to return the following verdict, guilty of first degree, guilty of murder in the first degree and extreme atrocity or cruelty and also felony murder.

Peter Manso: Three life terms. Holy moly, you know, does it get any worse?

Female: I didn't think racism still existed this way. I just didn't know people still behaved and felt that way. I truly didn't.

Mark: From ABC Radio and 20/20, I'm Mark Remillard, and this is A Killing on the Cape.

It's now been more than 10 years since Chris's conviction, and in that time, he's been at three different prisons. Currently, he's in a medium security prison called Old Colony, which is about a 50-minute drive south of Boston. Our investigation of this story looked to examine the evidence against Chris and to do this, we wanted to speak directly to him.

He's never done a broadcast interview before and didn't testify at trial and it's confounding, right? All the different versions of what happened and when, whether he was there on Thursday or Friday night, whether he was alone, whether he remembers anything at all. All the more reason we wanted to get it straight from Chris himself, but doing that would be a much more difficult process than we expected.

Just tell me, who are you and where are we headed right now?

Leslie McCowen: My name is Leslie McCowen and I'm going to the Old Colony Correctional Center to visit my husband, Christopher McCowen.

Mark: This is Leslie McCowen, Christopher McCowen's wife.

And when did you first meet Chris McCowen?

Leslie: I met Chris around sometime in the late 90s, I think. He was a friend of my daughters.

Mark: Every week, Leslie makes a drive to see Chris from her home in West Dennis, that's on the lower Cape, about an hour, one way, to Old Colony.

Leslie: He's a very sweet guy, very quiet, very polite. We talk about our families, we talk aboutÔøΩ I guess we talk about my job and stuff, and we play cards, play Scrabble, eat, take pictures.

Mark: Leslie says she didn't know Chris very well before his arrest and conviction, but it was afterward that she became close with him.

Leslie: Well, Chris used to hang out with my daughters and their crew, he was at my house a few times, always very quiet, very polite and I was taking classes at the community college when I heard on the radio that he was arrested for the murder of Christa Worthington. Oh, my gosh, I couldn't believe it. I actually thought, I said to myself,  "Oh, he'll be out of there in no time." There's no way in hell he killed anybody.

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