A Killing on the Cape | Transcripts of the Podcast Series

Transcripts of the podcast series A Killing on the Cape.

Simon Says is an automated transcription service. We assist those in the media to swiftly transcribe audio and video files so they can find that meaningful dialogue. We are not associated with A Killing on the Cape podcast; we are just big fans. And we highly recommend you listen to it if you can. We have provided the transcript below as a supplement. Enjoy!

A Killing on the Cape Episode 1: The Murder

On January 6, 2002, fashion writer and single mother Christa Worthington was found stabbed to death in her home in a small town on Cape CodÔøΩ her 2-year-old daughter, Ava, was unharmed at her side. We start with a look at the crime that would tip off the most high-profile investigation in Cape Cod's history.

A Killing on the Cape Episode 2: The Shellfish Constable

Police begin their search for the person who killed 46-year-old fashion writer and single mother, Christa Worthington in 2002. To understand where they would look first, we learn about Christa and her fast-paced career as a writer, as well as her affair with a married man that would put him in the investigation's crosshairs.

A Killing on the Cape Episode 3: More Leads, More Dead Ends

Police expand their search for Christa Worthington's killer, looking at an ex-boyfriend and even Christa's own father. But a match on a crucial piece of D.N.A. evidence continued to be elusive, forcing police to take an unorthodox approach to find the killer and one that would grab national headlines.

A Killing on the Cape Episode 4: The Garbage Man

Three years into their investigation, police arrest and charge Christopher McCowen for the murder of Christa Worthington, but the arrest of a black man in the murder of a wealthy white woman would immediately ignite controversy.

A Killing on the Cape Episode 5: The Verdict

The prosecution lays out its case against Christopher McCowen for the rape and murder of Christa Worthington, while his defense looks to poke holes in that case and raise doubts in the minds of jurors. The high-profile trial took weeks and left some wondering still to this day whether it was fair.

A Killing on the Cape Episode 6: The Interview

More than 10 years after Chris McCowen's conviction for the rape and murder of Christa Worthington, his defense continues its efforts to get him a new trial. And for the first time, we hear directly from Chris to get his side of the story.

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