Episode 6: Counting Down Fast | Young Charlie podcast (Transcript)

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Episode 6: Counting Down Fast | Young Charlie podcast (Transcript)
Length: 54 mins

Male: Young Charlie by Hollywood & Crime contains depictions of violence and is not suitable for everyone. Please be advised.

Stephen Lang: On December 5, 1969, a Los Angeles grand jury sat in somber silence as it listened to Susan Atkins describe what went on at Cielo Drive in the early hours of August 9.

Tracy Pattin: While Tex Watson held a pistol on Wojciech Frykowski in the living room, Susan wandered around the house. Through an open bedroom door, she saw Abigail Folger sitting in bed reading a book. Abigail looked over at her and smiled, assuming she was a guest of Sharon's. Susan smiled back and continued down the hall. Inside another bedroom, she saw Jay Sebring sitting at the edge of a bed. Sharon was lying on the bed as the two talked quietly.

When Susan returned to the living room, Tex told her and Patricia Krenwinkel to gather everyone. Brandishing their knives, Susan took charge of Sharon and Sebring while Patricia got Abigail.

When they were all in the living room, Tex ordered the two men and two women to lie down on their stomachs in front of the fireplace.  "Can't you see she's pregnant?" protested Sebring. And that's when Tex shot Jay Sebring in the stomach.

From Wondery, I'm Tracy Pattin with Stephen Lang. Today, Hollywood & Crime presents Young Charlie. If you're joining us for the first time, we recommend you go back and listen to the previous episodes. We'll be waiting for you.

Today's episode: Coming Down Fast. Here's my co-host, Stephen Lang.

Stephen Lang: Tension is building between Dennis Wilson and Brother Records over the bills the company keeps getting. However impressed by Charlie's music Dennis might be, the other Beach Boys don't share his enthusiasm and whatever distaste they have for the scruffy wannabe is only compounded by the recurring medical costs of treating his followers' frequent venereal diseases.

The record company even receives a bill for dental work done on Susan Atkins's teeth. When Dennis arranges a recording session at brother Brian's home studio, it doesn't go much better than Charlie's earlier attempts. Charlie arrives with a guitar and several Family girls, exuding an air of entitlement. Brian has no interest in attending the session and his wife, Marilyn, is put off by the filthy young women's nonstop use of the bathrooms.

At one point, Charlie, frustrated by the constant technical demands, pulls a knife on the recording engineer. The engineer ends the session and reports the incident to Brother Records execs. But Charlie leaves with a professionally produced tape convinced the recording contract is now inevitable.

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