Puzzle Rush| Revisionist History podcast with Malcolm Gladwell E1/S4 (Transcript)

Puzzle Rush

Episode 1| Season 4| Revisionist History
Length: 39 mins | Released: June 20, 2019

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Malcolm Gladwell: It's eight o'clock in the morning on a Saturday, a little chilly. Deep in downtown Manhattan, streets are empty.

Malcolm Gladwell: I'm standing on the sidewalk with my assistant, Camille Baptiste.

Malcolm Gladwell: First of all, Camille, I need to know did you sleep last night?

Camille Baptista: I did sleep well, yes.

Malcolm Gladwell: I did not.

Camille Baptista: Really? Oh no.

Malcolm Gladwell: I got almost no sleep and I had a nightmare about the LSAT, that I left before it was over. I had an exam nightmare from high school, essentially, a high school exam.

Camille Baptista: That you left before it was over?

Malcolm Gladwell: I had a nightmare about the LSAT, that I walked out before the test was over. Oh, but my nightmare was just beginning.

Malcolm Gladwell: This is Malcolm Gladwell. I'm back with Season 4 of Revisionist History, my podcast about things overlooked and misunderstood.

Malcolm Gladwell: This episode is about what happened when Camille and I took the Law School Admissions Test. We had three ÔøΩ"ÔøΩ ÔøΩ2 pencils each, a small pack of Kleenex, a package of trail mix, all in clear plastic bags. We lined up outside Pace University with hundreds of other nervous people clutching clear plastic bags. Everyone wanted someday to become lawyers except us. We were there in the name of science.

Malcolm Gladwell: We're to go. This has all been very traumatic and stressful, but I wanted to get one last thing. I would like to get your handicap on your chances of beating me. Just tell me what you think your chances of beating me are.

Camille Baptista: My chances as a chance?

Malcolm Gladwell: Your mom, I would point out, was quite confident you would win.

Camille Baptista: My mom is confident in me no matter what, which is very nice but maybe unrealistic. You know, I don't know, 50/50?

To see the full transcript, go here.

Transcripts for the entire Season 1ÔøΩ ÔøΩ4 podcasts of Revisionist History are available here.

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