How to import your transcript into Avid Media Composer via AAF files

How to import your transcript markers for clips into Avid Media Composer via AAF using Simon Says

Jan 23, 2022

Wouldn’t it be a time-save if you could mark the key parts of your transcript and then have those corresponding clips — and their transcripts — available in your editing software for you or your editor to immediately start cutting with? YES! And now you can!

Simon Says seamlessly exports transcript markers for clips in Avid Media Composer with AAF. This article details how it works.

We also support other Avid options:
* import your transcript into Avid Media Composer with Text Locators, see here.
* import to Avid Media Composer via ScriptSync, see here.
* import to Avid Media Composer with SubCap: see the video at the bottom of this page.

Export transcript markers to Avid Media Composer using AAF

If you are working with Avid Media Composer (or any other non-linear editing software), you can auto-transcribe your interviews in Simon Says and directly import Avid AAF files. (Simon Says can also auto-translate.)

View the video for the tutorial or follow the instructions below. To view video subtitles in a different language, click the settings icon in the video and select an available language under Subtitles/CC.

Here’s how:
Once your media file (that is, the audio or video file you uploaded) is transcribed in Simon Says, click the Export button and select Avid Media Composer > AAF

In Avid Media Composer, open the File menu and click Input > Source Browser

Locate the AAF file you downloaded from Simon Says and click Import

A new sequence will be created which looks like this:

Now you need to either manually relink the media or insert the video file by replacing the edit. To replace edit, select all the markers, right click, choose Change Track, and move the markers to a different track.

Open the Tool palette and click Replace Edit.

TaDa! Your transcript is now ready and synced with the footage.

Want to export to Avid via SubCap? See this short tutorial:

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