Easily import your transcripts into your audio/video editing programs.

Audio/video editing just got a whole lot easier with seamless integrations from Simon Says to your favorite NLE program.

Simon Says has made it super simple to get transcripts for your interviews, TV and radio programs, podcasts, and documentaries.

Now we have made it even easier to edit from them by seamlessly integrating Simon Says with your post production software.

What this means is that the transcripts themselves and the bookmarks you created in Simon Says can now be visible in your edit program, making searching for key lines and cutting so much swifter.

From Simon Says to your favorite edit program.
Import transcripts and bookmarks to your NLE program, making editing so much faster.

Click on the editing program you or your team uses below to see how to import from Simon Says into them:

  1. Adobe Premiere
  2. Adobe Audition
  3. Final Cut Pro X
  4. Final Cut Pro 7
  5. Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
  6. Grass Valley EDIUS
  7. Avid Pro Tools
  8. Avid Media Composer: via Text Locators, ScriptSync, and AAF

If you don't have an account on Simon Says: sign up for free and get 15 mins of transcription credit to try the site out.

Happy editing.

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