How to dub a video

Simon Says now supports dubbing a video into other languages & you can distribute the video to audiences in different countries.

Jan 23, 2022

Simon Says does audio dubbing

To hear samples of the voice options, see here.

Here's how:

1. Create your project & upload your video file.

2. Transcribe the uploaded video to get the transcription. This transcript is editable. Make any edits / corrections. Note: Add any breaks, such as where speakers change, in the transcript at this stage. Adding breaks at the translation step will cause dubbing to fail.

3. Translate the transcription into target languages as we will use the translation in the dubbing process.

4. Assign a speaker for each paragraph. Note: as mentioned in step 2, do not add breaks to the translated transcript as dubbing needs the translated transcript structure to match the original-language transcript structure. If you add breaks here, use version history to go back to a previous version of the transcript.

5. Select the dubbing icon when you are in the translated project

6. Assign a voice for each speaker name. To hear the samples of the voice options, click here.

7. Pay and choose “Let's do this” to start dubbing your video. The process will take awhile and Simon Says will send you an email when the dubbing process  completes. TaDa! You will now have your video dubbed in a foreign language.