Version history: restore previous versions of a transcript

If you have made an error in your transcript, you can rollback to a previous version.

Jan 23, 2022

If you want to rollback changes, use version history feature to do so.

When you have the transcript page open:

click the version history icon beside the project name:

The version history modal will pop-up.

If you have previously saved versions, you can choose a version from the left hand side:

You will see two transcripts on this screen.

The right transcript is the current, active transcript.

The left transcript is a historical version.

If you want to restore the historical version, click the purple "Restore this version" button.

If you want to exit the screen without restoring, select the "Cancel" button at the bottom.


  • You can only restore one file's transcript at a time and the relevant transcript needs to be open when you click the version history icon;
  • Version history was introduced on Simon Says and to its users on October 4, 2020. Projects edited prior to this date will not have a version history before this point in time.