How to share projects

How to collaborate with colleagues on Simon Says

Jan 23, 2022

Simon Says has strong collaboration tools to help you share your projects with colleagues and clients.

  • Say you transcribed your project and you want someone else to look it over and correct any mistakes.
  • Or you transcribed an interview and you want your client or colleagues to bookmark the key lines.
  • Or you translated a project and now want your native speaker to go through it.

Whatever the situation, you can collaborate easily in Simon Says.

Here's how:

Follow the instructions below or watch this quick video tutorial. To change the video subtitle language, click the settings icon in the video and select an available language under Subtitles/CC

In your transcribed project, click on the share icon.

Click the share icon

There are a few options here, so we'll go through each one.

Share the project URL

Share the project URL

1. Select a share option next to "Access to anyone with the link (registration required)." You can choose for a user to have can view (read-only) rights or edit rights.

Select invitee rights

2. Once share rights are chosen, a URL will appear in the box beneath. Copy that URL by clicking on the copy icon at the right of the URL box.

3. Share this URL with your colleagues or clients and they will be able to access the project.

Note that they must log in to be able to access the project.

4. Once a user has accessed the project, their address will appear in dark font in the list under the next section.

View who has accessed the project

5. To disable or change a user's rights, click on the drop-down next to the user's address and select the option.

Disable a share

Share the project via email

Share the project via email

1. Under "Access rights for these users", enter the email address of your collaborator, choose a share rights option, and then click "Invite".

2. An email will be sent to the collaborator with a link to your project. They must be logged in to access the project.

3. Anyone you have invited via email will appear in the list under the share option. Before they access the project, their address will be grayed out. After they access the project, the address will be dark. (Please note you need to close and reopen the share modal to see this change if guests access the project immediately)

See who has accessed the project

4. To change share rights, select the drop-down next to the user's address and change accordingly.

Publish your project

Publish your project

You may want to publish your project in read-only mode which is accessible to anyone with the URL and they don't need to register. For example, you may want to share your transcript with your blog or vlog readers and viewers.

1. Under "Publish Project", select Publish in the drop-down next to "View-only access by anyone with the link"

Copy the published project link

2. Copy this link by clicking the copy icon at the end of the box and use this URL to give to your clients or readers.

3. The project's transcript(s) will be accessible through this URL and includes our nifty media player for your guests to use

A published project

3. You can disable the published share via the drop-down next to "View-only access by anyone with the link".

Note that a published project is shared in its current state. If you make changes to the transcript, they will not reflect in the published project until you select Re-publish in the "View-only access by anyone with the link" drop-down.

Please note that sharing occurs at the project level. You cannot share just a single file in a multi-file project.

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