Working with folders and labels

Organize your projects with folders and labels

Jan 23, 2022

You can easily organize your dashboard by creating and applying folders and labels! Create folders to store multiple projects in and/or add labels to your projects to easily identify them and also make moving projects into folders easier.

To create folders:

1. Click the folder icon with the + toward the top of your page
2. A new folder is created with the default name "My New Folder". Change this to anything you would like

Rename a folder

You can move unlabeled and labeled projects into any folder you create
If you have multiple projects with the same label, it's easiest to filter to view only that label and then move them up into your chosen folder.

Filtering labels and moving projects into folders
Create a new folder and rename it

To move projects out of folders

1. Expand the folder by clicking the folder icon or anywhere to the right of the folder name
2. Click on the project to move and hold, then drag it down out of the folder

Moving projects out of a folder

To delete a folder:

1. Click the trashcan icon to the far right of the folder name
2. Read the warning and accept if you really want to delete the folder
Note that the folder and ALL PROJECTS in it will be deleted permanently. You cannot retrieve deleted projects.

Delete a folder
Delete a folder

To create labels:

1. Click the tag icon next to the project name

Create a label

2. Click +Create Label
3. Name your label and choose a color for it, then click Save

Type in a name and select a color

Your label is now created and you can apply it to other projects
You can filter your dashboard to view one or more labels only

Using folder the filter

To delete a label:

1. Click on the tag icon next to a named label
2. Click the trashcan icon to the right
3. Read the warning and accept if you would really like to delete the label
Note that only labels will be deleted, not the projects

Delete a label
Delete a label

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