Top 10 Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins For Improving Video Production

Adobe Premiere Pro CC has been one of the most popular NLE’s (non-linear editors) on the market for nearly twenty years, up there with the likes of Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. It’s been a wonderful tool for content creators’ video projects and an incredibly popular software for filmmakers, even being used on a wide range of feature films. It’s clear why so many video editors have flocked to Adobe Premiere Pro as a go-to editing software.

This immense popularity means a slew of incredible plugins that help speed up the workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro. In the post-production industry, it’s so important to use every tool at your disposal to get the most out of your program. This tutorial will go over the top Adobe Premiere Pro plugins to take your video editing to the next level.

What are plugins in video editing?

A video editing plugin adds new features and additional functionality to the NLE of your choosing that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. Some offer additional transitions and presets, while others provide complex visual effect tools. There are a slew of free plugins and paid plugins you can find all over ranging from incredibly simple to wildly complex.

Top 10 Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins

So, which plugins are right for your workflow? Below are the top 10 plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro, perfect for both beginners and professionals and available for macOS and Windows devices:

1. Simon Says

In the age of social media, closed captioning and subtitles have become more critical than ever for video content creators. This is where Simon Says comes in.

With Simon Says, you can add captions and subtitles to footage natively within Adobe Premiere Pro in 100 languages - all with the click of a button. To say this can significantly improve your video editing workflow is an understatement. Teams can go from spending hours adding subtitles to just minutes.

Simon Says can also translate the transcripts you generate in Premiere Pro to any of the supported languages and plenty of fonts. Plus, the app is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about it hindering the performance of Premiere Pro.

2. After Effects

Adobe After Effects is one of the quintessential visual effects tools on the market and the best compositing tool there is. After Effects is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud which houses service such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Audition.

These programs work beautifully with Adobe Premiere Pro, allowing for real-time VFX and motion graphic synchronization between both programs. The best part of After Effects is the amount of incredible visual effects it has to offer. Simple effects such as camera stabilization and noise reduction to more advanced ones such as camera shake and lens flares can all be done directly inside of After Effects.

3. Boris FX Mocha

Mocha Pro is THE planar tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, and stabilization software. Mocha is perfect for anyone getting serious about visual effects.

The unfortunate thing about Mocha Pro is that it doesn’t work natively within Adobe Premiere Pro. Using Open FX though will allow for support with Premiere Pro. The tools in Mocha have also played a huge role in a lot of recent Oscar-nominated films for Best Visual Effects, including Dune.

4. FilmConvert

This one is for all of the filmmakers out there. FilmConvert is a great plugin that emulates classic film stock with only a few clicks of a button. There are options for every major camera brand out there as well (Panasonic, DJI, ARRI, Canon, GoPro, Nikon, Sony, and Blackmagic). What the Premiere Pro plugin has to offer is:

  • A wide range of incredible Camera profiles
  • 6K Grain Scans
  • 19 Film Stocks
  • Options to export 3D Luts

5. FxFactory Pro

FxFactory Pro is an immensely powerful effects toolkit. There’s a slew of animations, filters, and overlays to go through in this Premiere Pro plugin. This is a great one for filmmakers or even social media content creators looking at creating eye-catching visuals.

This effect plugin has everything from audio effects, transitions, motion blurs, vibrance effects, glows, and plenty more. It works great for those doing work between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects as well.

6. Twixtor

It’s incredibly hard to mimic proper slow motion in traditional NLEs. Slowing down or speeding up footage in post-production often looks very fake and choppy. Twixtor has much fewer artifacts when objects cross in the scene and it operates in real-time using a single-speed setting. What Twixtor does is synthesize unique new frames by warping and interpolating frames of the original sequence.

7. Red Giant Software

The Red Giant Universe suite has so many amazing plugins for creators. With VHS effects, box bokeh, sound effects, glitch effects, glows, retrograde, and many more neat video effects, there’s so much to love about the Red Giant Universe. The Universe has a collection of 89 GPU-accelerated plugins that work great in Adobe Premiere Pro.

8. False Color

An area where Adobe Premiere Pro can struggle is when it comes to coloring. Since there’s really no option to view false color natively inside Premiere Pro, Pixel’s False Color plugin is a must for those who are serious about coloring. It’s absolutely perfect for color grading and color correction and for those doing advanced HDR work. Like a lot of the plugins on the list, there’s also a great demo version to view on your video clips.

What the False Color plugin does is show the exposure of a clip through the use of color. The False color plugin allows you to:

  • Customize your False Color ranges and export as 3D LUT
  • Utilize 13 high-quality and accurate presets and templates
  • Position the scale reference anywhere in your workspace area
  • Work in real-time in Adobe Premiere Pro

9. De:Noise

The De:Noise effect by RE:Vison effect is one of the most powerful de-noisers out there. While the de-noise node in Adobe Premiere Pro is great, nothing beats a dedicated plugin for the effect. De:Noise handles everything from digital/electronic noise to blotchy spots like first on film. It’s also incredibly versatile, addressing numerous problems related to low-light shoots.

The best part about it too is how much detail is preserved. A lot of de-noise effects lose detail in the process, but De:Noise keeps things looking sharp through the use of temporal filtering.

10. Beauty Box

Beauty Box is a very simple but effective plugin that automatically identifies skin tones and creates a smoothing effect for just the skin areas. What the beauty box does is act as digital makeup of sorts. Beauty Box looks incredibly natural as well, working for both HD and 4k videos. It gives great real-time rendering and uses CUDA and OpenGL software to play things back quickly.


Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best NLEs on the market that gets even better through the use of plugins. Solutions like Simon Says FilmConvert, and False Color are super powerful, helping you to save time while adding production value to your content.

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