Simon Says to Sponsor Live NAB Show BuZZ 2018 Hosted by Larry Jordan

The National Association of Broadcasters Las Vegas show is the epicenter of conferences for the media and production industriesÔøΩ and Larry Jordan is the guru making sense of it all. This year, Simon Says joins forces with Larry Jordan and his team as they produce the hourly NAB Show BuZZ. We will transcribe and publish the podcasts with all the insights from his guest line-up of industry experts.

At Simon Says, we're committed to alleviating the most frustrating aspects of editing with AI, especially for those in media and production. We've started with transcription and turning audio into textÔøΩ quickly and accurately.

NAB 2018 takes place April 7ÔøΩ ÔøΩ12. The overall convention is a massive gathering of professionals from all corners of productionÔøΩ film, mobile, advertising, TV, radio, live events, digital, audio, AR, VR, and video.

Each day, NAB Show BuZZ will produce live shows from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., which Larry Jordan will host. Each hour features a slew of high-profile guests, including Blackmagic Design's Dan May, AdobeÔøΩs Chris Bobotis, and Avid's Alan Hoff, among many others. They will discuss new product releases, the latest trends, and, hopefully, the newest, coolest tool they just got their hands on.

Our team at Simon Says will then process the podcasts through our auto-transcription engine and Larry's team will embed the media-transcript player on their site.

An example of the media-transcript player, with annotations and bookmarks.

Jordan will cap off the week with a live installment of his weekly video production podcast, Digital Production BuZZ.

About Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan is a 50-year veteran of media. Throughout his career, he has edited, produced, and directed at the local and network TV levels, and he's done extensive work with corporate training videos. He started his namesake website,, in 2003 and began using his extensive industry knowledge to educate current and aspiring media professionals. He has authored nine books and thousands of how-to articles on both production and post-production.

Digital Production BuZZ is a weekly podcast that focuses on the latest trends and advancements in media technology and also shines a light on the industry's leading innovators.

To learn more about Digital Production BuZZ and Larry Jordan, head here.

To view the full NAB Show BuZZ schedule, head here.

Simon Says

Simon Says is excited to support Larry Jordan and deeply support his and his team's mission to make technology accessible and helpful to creators and in their pursuit. Simon Says will transcribe each of Jordan's NAB podcasts with our swift, automated transcription engine and then host them in our novel media-transcript player.

Our system ingests the audio and produces a transcript in faster than real-time. Transcripts are synced in playback to the audio. Our team will also edit the transcript to add speaker names, make changes, and add show notes. Published transcripts will be embedded on the NAB Show BuZZ website.

With our transcription, listeners will have access to each episode and see the associated show notes and relevant links.

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