Michael Kammes of BeBop Technology | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2019 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan: Welcome back. By the way, if you haven't contributed to the conversation on Twitter, please join us @DPBuZZ, love to get your comments. Thinking of a person that has opinions and comments, I have to think first of Michael Kammes. He's the Director of Business Development for BeBop Technology. Michael, I was going to talk to you about BeBop, but we've got your CEO coming in tomorrow. We're going to be talking about that in a bit more time., so let's have you wear your Michael Kammes analyst hat. What have you seen at the show that's caught your attention?

Michael Kammes: Well, first off, good to see you, Larry. I think I almostÔøΩ My voice is almost the same timber as yours right now. The show just drags everything out of your throat. One tool I saw that was fantastic is a company called Marquis. Are you familiar with Marquis at all?

Larry Jordan: I always say no when somebody asks me that question. Spell it.

Michael Kammes: M-A-R-Q-U-I-S. Marquis does several different things and one of them is media movement between applications. They made a name for themselves with a product called Project Parking or Medway. They have a new product called Postflux and I just love the name. I think it may be Back to the Future, but Postflux. Larry, I know you use Premiere and I'm sure you've seen the problems that pop up when you try and move a project on one station, that may be Windows with Premiere, to another station that's maybe a Mac and the media may be in different places and re-linking can just be a nightmare, right, because you manually have to do it.

Larry Jordan: Or even Mac to Mac.

Michael Kammes: Exactly. They have a product called Postflux, which reads the project file, automatically reconciles where the media is living on the driveÔøΩ I'm waiting to see you get excited and it's not happening.

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