Gio Punzo of Streann Media | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2019 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan: Welcome back. We're talking to a company that I know very little about and I'm anxious to learn more. The company is Streann Media and Gio Punzo is the CEO and co-founder of Streann. Gio, thanks for joining us today.

Gio Punzo: It's a pleasure to be here, Larry.

Larry Jordan: Tell me what Streann Media does.

Gio Punzo: Streann does three main things. We help content providers distribute the content, we help them engage then with end users, and then help them monetize. So if you're a radio station, TV station, or have any type of content, we help you do these three things.

Larry Jordan: Why did you start the company?

Gio Punzo: So I was at LiveU. I was one of the first employers at LiveU and I saw this company just booming, helping content providers change the way they were distributing content, I sometimes say that LiveU created streaming for broadcasters. And there was something else missing. Now you're distributing this content with these great backpacks and our customers were asking, "What else can I do with this content? Can I send it to social media? Hod do I do that? Then how do I keep the customers engaged and how do I monetize with the streaming content?" So I got together with a partner, a great technology co-founder, Antonio Calderone down in Miami, and we started building out what is today Streann Media.

To read and hear more of this 2019 NAB BuZZ podcast, go to the Simon Says media player here.

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