How to edit a product launch video or teaser

Picture the scene: you've invested months (or maybe years!) into the design and development of your new product. The economic conditions look good and all the market research findings are stacked in your favor. But as your go-live day appears on the horizon, you think: “How can I launch my new product with a bang?”.

A product launch video is the perfect medium to reach for, especially if you have a large video-hungry social media following. Viewers retain 95% of the information presented in a video - that's compared to a meager 10% when that same information is presented in text. Video is also the most widely shared and engaged with content type, on all the major social platforms.

Even if you've never worked with video before, there's a tried-and-tested method that all great teaser and marketing videos follow. And that's what we'll go on to explain in the post below...

What to include in your product launch video

The purpose of any teaser or product launch video is simple: you need to create hype and interest around what you're selling.

Beyond this, a product video should also show viewers how your product works in action and how using it will benefit their life. Steer clear of over-exaggerated features, though, as consumers can sniff that out a mile away!

Which businesses are doing video marketing well today? There's no shortage of inspiration examples to draw upon. Apple is quite famous for making punchy product videos - their presentation of the HomePod by Spike Jonze is one that really stands out.

Not sure you've got the budget to match the Apple approach? Don't let that dampen your passion. Casey Neistat's Nike ad, Make It Count is an absolute must-see and shows just how powerful a DIY approach to product promo videos can be.

So before you get started, here's your checklist for everything a great product teaser or explainer video should contain:

  • An engaging narrative (illustrating the product and its benefits)
  • Clear and dynamic visuals
  • Emotion/sentiment and relatability
  • No fluff - and no overselling!
  • End with a call to action (‚ÄúJoin the waitlist now‚Äù, ‚ÄúBuy today‚Äù, and so on)

So now you know what your promo video needs to include, how do you edit it together?

How to edit a product launch video

Beginners and seasoned pros alike would benefit from keeping the following pointers in mind when editing a product video...

Shape your story first

A great video narrative will pique your audience's interest from the very first frame.

It's not always essential to draw up a storyboard before filming your product video, but you will need to arrange your clips in the most engaging and persuasive way. And, for that, a tool like Simon Says Assemble does just the trick. 

Think of Simon Says Assemble as a way of storyboarding your promo video after the footage has been filmed. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for marketeers of any experience level to construct a promo video or teaser that does their product justice.

You can also use Simon Says to transcribe footage and highlight key quotes/lines - perfect for explainer videos that are spoken-word heavy or feature a number of interviews.

Show, don't tell

There's a popular adage in marketing and other creative communication: show, don't tell. 

For your product video, this means being direct and precise with your footage - which are the elements of your product that will attract the most interest from your target audience? Those are the shots that need to make the final cut.

But don't shy away from eliciting emotion, too. No one wants to watch a product teaser or explainer video that only features the product. Do you have footage of genuine end users enjoying your product? How does it make them feel? Show your audience how they'll feel using it as well. 

Pace is also worth considering in your edit. Too fast and the viewer will get lost - along with your message. Take too long to get to the point, however, and your audience may lose interest. 

Inject your brand personality

Your customers aren't just buying your product, they're buying your brand as well! 

Who are you and why should someone be interested in your product? What do you stand for? How do you see the world? And how does your product help further your mission or cause?

Video is the ideal medium to convey this personality, so ahead and let it shine! And, the best part is, chances are you've already got some existing copywriting, video footage, or interviews that help explain who your brand is. So there's no need to reinvent the wheel - simply drop some of this existing content in while you edit!

Harness collective creativity

Creativity is a team sport. And, actually, collaborating on your edit can even save time in post-production if you're using the right tools. 

Simon Says takes away the need to jump back and forth between email threads, trying to find timecodes, or remember the suggestion one of you made sometime last week. Team members and clients can add their comments with timecodes - exactly where you need them in the edit.

Ready for shoot day?

They say that good things are worth working for, and that's certainly true with product launch videos. After all, customers just can't seem to get enough of video content!

Follow the tips above and you should end up with a product promo that the whole team is proud to put their name on. And who knows, maybe you'll enjoy the process so much that video becomes one of your preferred methods of marketing communication.

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