Cirina Catania of The Catania Group | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2018 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan: What are you working on now?

Cirina Catania: I'm here, actually, in the Lumiford suites with a Lumberjack System because we're announcing Builder.

LJ: Philip Hodgetts was on just a couple hours ago talking about the new technology and the artificial intelligence that Builder uses to be able to marry up transcripts with a video editing. But when you're not hyping cool products, what's keep you busy?

CC: I'm finally, after the big hack we had a year ago, finally got most of the media back, so we're now going into post on the Kionte story theatrical documentary and, after almost 14 years of shooting, it's finally time to get the TV series going on, Coward Country.

LJ: That is so exciting. Tell me about the crash because that was such a life experience.

CC: Yeah, it almost took me under, but I'm stubborn. Lost 100 terabytes and it was more than just losing the media; it was a literal hack, so the address track at the beginning and end of every RAID was destroyed so all that was left with little pieces. We were lucky we recovered most of it, but there's millions of files with no metadata, so you have to open every file. Last week, I finally found the first interview with Kionte, the one that was just under two hours that set the stage for everything and I found it, so I'm relaxed.

To read and hear more of this 2018 NAB BuZZ podcast, go to the Simon Says media player here.

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