Gordon Daily of Boxcast | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2018 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan: Now you've got a box here, describe what this is. Now we're audio only, so nobody is going to be able to see it, but it's about two inches by four inches by six inches and it's in beautiful black. What's it doing?

Gordon Daily: Well this is the one for the professionals. This is an encoder. So what this does is it captures a professional 12 GSDI signal up to 4K or HDMI professional inputs and what it does is it takes that beautiful feed that you got at your whatever you're doing, the mix to produce your event, and then we take that video from this box and do all the magic behind the scenes so that people anywhere around the world to watch it on their website, in all their social media platforms, in their apps, anywhere you want it to go.

LJ: So the benefit of working with your gear is that we don't need a whole bunch of computer gear. We basically take the output of our camera, the output of our video switcher, plug it into here. It does the compression, converts it into a form that can be streamed, and then gives me a signal that I can send up to the internet to go to the web.

GD: That's exactly right. The key here is that it's all automated, so this little point of entry, this cute little box that seems so little, is pretty powerful. We're talking 4K 68-GVC, which is the latest and greatest compression technology, and that's all you need on-site. No massive team to monitor everything, it's just that simple little box that gives you everything you need.

To read and hear more of this 2018 NAB BuZZ podcast, go to the Simon Says media player here.

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