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Larry Jordan: A company that's been making a lot of noise here at NAB is called BeBop Technology. We've talked about them earlier today when we had Avid on and David Colantuoni. Bruce Long is the CEO and co-founder of BeBop, and Bruce, thanks for joining us today.

Bruce Long: My pleasure.

Larry Jordan: So first, for people that may not have heard of what BeBop is, tell us what the company does.

Bruce Long: BeBop virtualizes the creative pipelines.

Larry Jordan: OK.

Bruce Long: We take all of the creative softwares that everyone is used to using like the Autodesk, and the Avids of the world, Adobe, and we deploy it on to a computer in the cloud, and support all the creative activities that they want to do. So we allow you to upload, we allow you to do simultaneous sessions in the cloud and do all the work, the creative work you used to do.

Larry Jordan: Now, why would we want to move it to the cloud? Why not just keep it local?

Bruce Long: Well, I think there's some people that want to move it to the cloud because in the long run, there is limitations to the hardware on the ground, and the scalability of the cloud and I think the flexibility of the cloud is why people move there. In the long run though, I guess what I'm trying to say is I really believe that it's not about the cloud. I think it's about virtualizing the workflows. And whether it's in the public cloud or BeBop private cloud, which is where we're moving now, I think the reality is trying to get more powerful tools and empowering individual creatives is really what the discipline is.

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