Atlanta Monster Podcast | S1/E5: WAYNE'S WORLD (Transcript)

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Atlanta Monster Podcast | S1/E5: WAYNE'S WORLD (Transcript)
Length: 55 mins

AVÔøΩ Automated voice
PLÔøΩ Payne Lindsay
DHÔøΩ Dwayne Hendricks
WWÔøΩ Wayne Williams

AV: Hello, you are receiving a call from Wayne Williams, an inmate at a correctional facility. Press 1 to consent to the delivery of a prerecorded message with information on how you can arrange to receive calls from your incarcerated loved one. Your cell phone location maybe collected and possibly used for investigative purposes. You are now being transferred to Securus customer care.

AV: Thank you for calling Securus Technologies, the leading provider of inmate telephone services. You are receiving a call from an inmate at a correctional facility where we provide telephone service. Please spell out the letters of your first name.

PL: P-A-Y-N-E.

AV: Okay, so is your first name Payne? Please spell out the letters of your last name. Okay, so is your last name Lindsay?

PL: Yes.

AV: To access your account, you need to create a 4 digit security passcode. Thank you. You have successfully created a passcode. Please enter your 5 digit zip code. Thank you. One moment please. To continue, press 1. Your confirmation number is 2018011715420714925759.

PL: Wow.

AV: If you would like me to repeat that, press 9.

AV: Your advance connect account has been successfully opened. You can start receiving calls within an hour. Goodbye.

AV: This conference is being recorded.

DH: What's up? My bad! [Laughs] Okay; can you hear him, Wayne?

WW: Oh yeah.

DH: Payne, can you hear Wayne?

PL: I can. Can you hear me?

DH: Okay, he does.

WW: Okay, is this Payne? Is that yourÔøΩ

PL: Yeah, this is Payne. That's my first name. We've got Payne, Wayne and Dwayne.

WW: All right. To tell it my way, to me, is not really what's important because my way is the right way and it's the truth about what happened.

WW: To me, let the book fall where it may, wherever, because there is only one truth. Truth is truth and all this, I guess, fake news we hear all the time, I'm not into that either. And the truth, in this case, is really simple. It's not complex or anything, but it's just the truth that people may not want to hear and it's the truth that they have to hear to understand what happened and continues to happen.

WW: Now, let me give you just a littleÔøΩ And, by the way, if time isÔøΩ We have to call it, because I'll explain to you, as we go, the mechanics of how we get to communicate and all because it's kind of weird here. So, basically, what we were looking for, from a documentary point of view, is a multi-part thing to tell this story. You can't tell it in 60 minutes, like you and I both know. It's not important. In other words, people don't need to hear and see whatÔøΩ That's not what's important.

WW: These other people have a story to tell. They're going to tell my story for me is what I'm saying. You understand what I'm getting at? You're going toÔøΩ You will fully understand once we get into this because, one thing about prison, you can't fool these guys in here. If these people thought I killed somebody or done something like that, I'd have been dead the first day I hit the County jail. Are you understanding me?

WW: I'm in a close security prison in a dorm with 80 other inmates, shanks and all that floating around. You've got Crips, Bloods, GV, all kind of gangs here and I've got darn good relations with all of them. If they thought it, I wouldn't be here. Are you understanding what I'm saying? This is the reality that you're going to get to tell in this story. You can't fool the cons. They can smell it. They can smell a rat if there's a rat. It's almost like a dog. A dog knows an evil person from good, they'll start growling, so it'll come out. This isn't about Wayne.

WW: This isn't just about me. This is for all those families who never got justice after all these years. They deserve some answers. Because I'm in a prison now with two family members; I'm here with an uncle and a cousin of two of the murder victims. We play ball every day together. Do you understand what I'm saying?

WW: We need to tell that story. I see that hurt and pain. We have shared things. There's a bond right there that needs to be told. Family members we're in contact with, they have given us information and at least eight of the cases, they know who killed their people, but the police refuse to act on this. These are the things we need to bring out in these documentaries.

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