Adrian Herrera of Caringo Inc | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2018 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Adrian Herrera: At Caringo, we do object storage software. If you think of the way Facebook stores photos, any large web-scale company, how they're storing the information on the backend, the unstructured informationÔøΩ video, photos, that kind of thingÔøΩ that's always enabled by object storage and that's what we do.

Larry Jordan: Cool. I've seen Facebook and I've seen pictures on Facebook, but that doesn't tell me what object storage is. Help me understand this a little bit. This is a weird concept I have a hard time getting my brain wrapped around.

AH: Object storage, we are software, you install us on any generic servers and we scale. You start with a few terabytes, we scale up to hundreds of petabytes. You can think of object storage as a structuralist way to store information. Your viewers out there, your listeners, when they store something on a machine on their PC at home, they're going in a directory, they store it filename and directory, they need to know server name, all that stuff. Object storage stores everything in a big pool and all you need is a key to retrieve that information and the native interface for most objects towards solutions is over the web. So you have this key, you can connect to the cluster, you just provide that to the storage system, and it delivers the content. Very similar to what goes on on the web whenever you access a webpage. So that's why object storage is now taking off. You have a lot of mobile content, a lot of VOD, OTT, direct to consumer streaming, active archive, all these things need to store massive amounts of information and provide instant access, usually, directly to a mobile device or something.

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