How to transcribe synced clips in Resolve

Jan 23, 2022

Prerequisite: installed Simon Says extension for Resolve

PC users: the Simon Says extension for Resolve (Win) supports transcribing synced clips. Woohoo! This means you can sync the camera files with the audio recorder files (and created synced clips): then use the Simon Says extension to transcribed the synced clips. Markers get added to the synced clips which is great for searching and editing from.

Mac users: the Simon Says extension for Resolve (macOS) does not support transcribing synced clips. You can transcribe the audio recorder's files and add markers to it but once you sync it, the markers are still at the audio-file level, not at the synced clip level. The workaround may be to transcribe the synced clips using a Windows machine and then bring it to the Resolve project / files to the Mac.