SRT subtitle file does not import: troubleshooting

You see captions but only up to a certain point: here's how to fix it

Jan 23, 2022

If you imported the SRT subtitle file to, say, Adobe Premiere Pro or Vimeo and you only see captions/subtitles up until a certain point, here's how to fix this:

  1. The SRT file is a simple text document: open it in a basic text editor such as Notepad or Text Edit.
  2. Note the last caption you see/that imports to your video editor/video hosting platform. Then scroll to that caption in the SRT file in the text editor.
  3. Look at the caption that is one after: this is most likely the problematic caption. Do you see an extra return carriage between lines? If so, remove it. Captions have start and end times. The end time must be before the next caption's start time. Do the timings of all the captions look fine? If not, edit it so the timings are compliant.

Sometimes when editing the transcript text, an extra return carriage can make its way into the SRT file or when editing the text (such as pasting text in), the timing of a word can cause a caption to misalign on its timing.

Save the file and import it into your video editing application or to your video host.

If you still see the issue where more captions import but not all the way to the end, repeat the above process from step 2.