Quickly get started on an Assemble edit project: the most important steps

This article is for video editors/production teams who initiate an Assemble project and how to quickly succeed

Jan 23, 2022
  1. Import media into Simon Says with timecode and in a format / way in which timecode can be read. This way when you export your edit from Assemble and back to your video editing application, you clips will seamlessly relink.

Here's how to bring timecoded clips to Simon Says:

Importing to the web:

  • use h264 MOV as Simon Says can auto-read the start timecode in MOV files

Using FCPX:

  • drag clips from FCPX's browser to the Simon Says extension / macOS app and FCPX shares the start timecode of those clips with Simon Says

Using Adobe Premiere Pro

  • use the Simon Says extension for Adobe PP which automatically reads start timecode of clips

Using Resolve (macs)

  • use the Simon Says extension for Resolve which is able to read the start timecode of clips

If you forget to bring in clips with start timecode, set them manually (see option 2 here) before you import to Assemble.

2. Transcribe your media and make any edits before importing to Assemble. We recommend making transcript edits and adding speaker labels in Simon Says Transcribe before importing to Assemble because once you import that transcribed media to Assemble, you can't make subsequent edits to it without re-importing to Assemble. Assemble copies the imported transcribed media and its transcript to the Assemble project and so if you subsequently edit the original transcript, those changes do not permeate through unless you re-import into Assemble.

3. Invite teammates/client with the correct access rights and some quick tips. There are three types of access settings (view, comment, and edit) and comment and edit access need your teammate/client to sign up to a free Simon Says account for security. Share this "getting started in 60 seconds" article which is for clients/teammates: https://www.simonsaysai.com/help/4731949-how-clients-teammates-can-use-assemble-in-60-seconds