How clients/teammates can use Assemble in 60 seconds

Three steps to getting started with Assemble

Jan 23, 2022

This how-to article is for a client/teammate to know the basics of Simon Says Assemble in 60 seconds so you can give feedback on a video editor's rough cut.

  1. Login.
    Someone has shared a project link with you or invited you via email. First step is login. Depending on the access rights they granted you, you may be able to view, comment, and edit.

2. View the edit:
Go to the timeline side and press play. Leave notes as desired (if you have comment or edit rights).

If you have edit rights, you can move around and delete clips on the timeline. You can also search transcripts and find new clips.

3. See other transcripts. Open the bin on the left side and open the desired file.

To add new clips to the edit (if you have edit access), highlight text in the transcript and choose the button on the right to add that text as a clip to the end of the edit.

TaDa! Go on, start giving feedback.

To go deeper, watch the video and see all the features here