Optimizing your Resolve clip markers

Highlight soundbites in the transcript, add speaker names, add notes so they return in Resolve via the extension/scripts

Jan 23, 2022

Simon Says' transcription extension for Resolve is really robust and provides a lot of data so you can edit better. Highlights, speaker names, and notes added into the Simon Says transcript editor come back to Resolve as robust ranged markers on clips. For this to work, you need to use scripts 1a and 1b in Resolve: see here for more info.

Speaker names in Simon Says come back to clip markers

Speakers are assigned marker colors that persist for the life of the project.

The number of available colors is finite. Reserved colors names are:

  • Blue (default color reserved for the end user)
  • Cocoa (unassigned speaker and speaker names which exceed the available colors)
  • Cyan (notes and ratings)

Highlighted words come back to clips as "Favorite" ranges

Notes left in Simon Says come back to clips clearly marked as notes, with the prefix "Notes:" followed by the actual note