Simon Says launches the next version of secure AI transcription

Simon Says on-premise AI transcription solution
Ô£ø ÔøΩ ÔøΩ ÔøΩSecure, accurate transcription is here.

Removing the frustration in post-production, securely:

Simon Says, Inc. launches the next version of on-premise AI transcription

Transcription used to be frustrating. And unsecure. Simon Says solved it for video pros.

In April 2020, Simon Says launches its updated on-premise transcription solution and improves on the Mac / PC application that productions rely on for their sensitive material.

The updated application has a more accurate A.I. engine wrapped in a nifty video-transcript-synced interface that runs faster on Macs and PCs.

Import. Transcribe. Export. Celebrate. Ô£ø ÔøΩ ÔøΩ ÔøΩÔ£ø ÔøΩ ÔøΩ‚à´

(The fourth step is definitely mandatory.)

Early customers are seeing 95%+ accuracy rates, especially when the content has little or no background noise.

And with seamless NLE and workflow integration, editors cut faster, minimize time wasted, and better focus on the creative process.

In minutes: drag and drop dailies in; swiftly export transcripts out, straight into Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and others.

The benefits of A.I. without the risks of the cloud.

Now better, faster, & more accurate.

The Genesis

The Simon Says' on-premise solution began from a modest question users started to ask more frequently:

Do you have an AI transcription application where the data remains local?

Users have loved using Simon Says' cloud AI transcription applications (web, macOS, iPhone) from their inception, beginning in 2017, on many of their projects. But they often had sensitive projects where they couldn't send media files out.

They definitely did not want to manually transcribe recordings: they still wanted the efficiency benefits of A.I.

They still wanted Simon Says' timecode-based functionality, features, and range of export options.

But they had compliance requirements such as that of their client agreements, their IT departments, and frameworks like TPN, MPAA, CDSA, SOC 2, and HIPAA.

This led to building the most secure solution where setup takes 15 minutes and runs completely local on air-gapped computers. Where no data goes to the cloud. And which is easy-to-use, affordable, and works on any modern laptop.

Ô£ø ÔøΩ ÔøΩ ÔøΩ Simon Says' on-premise AI transcription solution

Simon Says has been testing the initial solution with early customers since 2018 and much of their feedback was implemented in this big update. Simon Says is grateful for their input and to be an essential step in the workflow of countless video professionals around the world.

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Founder & CEO

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