Have your cake and eat it: on-premise AI transcription

Accuracy, privacy, and costs don't have to be trade-offs: use cases of Simon Says AI transcription

A year ago (Fall, 2018) we launched the Simon Says on-premise transcription solution, a Mac / PC application that locally integrates the advanced artificial intelligence model while still being simple to use and loaded with features.


Drag and drop audio and video files in.

Out comes the accurate transcript.

No data goes to the cloud. No data leaves your computer. You stay fully compliant.

And customers love it.

Especially those who work with sensitive material and are obliged to not upload any files.

(Their IT heads or Chief Information Security Officers love it the most.)

In the past you needed to trade accuracy for privacy: that is, the most accurate AI systems were only cloud-based. In the past, it also cost a lot to get started.

Not anymore. Not as of a year ago.

You can have privacy and accuracy at an affordable price.

So who is using the Simon Says on-premise AI transcription software?

Primarily: those a) transcribing private interviews and b) subtitling video which cannot be revealed until the premiere or campaign launch. Here are some popular use cases:

Drag & drop: Simon Says on-prem AI transcription is easy to use.
  1. Researchers analyzing interviews in corporate, academic, government, design (such as UI/UX), and non-profit settings:
    The content is sensitive and they need to protect the identities of their interviewees. These researchers may even have standards and rules (such as HIPAA) which they need to comply with and which preclude sending data to a cloud.
    On-premise transcription works perfectly for these situations and Simon Says' simple-to-use interface needs no technical know-how to operate. Drag and drop; click a few buttons; transcript is ready.
    Often times these researchers were previously manually transcribing interviews themselves! They were weary from transcribing a plethora of interviews and it could impact the quality of the analysis. Instead, they can now wholly focus on the most important part of their role which is to find the meaningful insights in the interviews.
  2. Video production such as to subtitle marketing videos, television programs, and films.
    Producers have been working in stealth for months, if not years, on a project that they intend to release with a splash. They can't take the chance of uploading data to the cloud, even if it will significantly speed up subtitling which is needed for legal, user experience, and accessibility reasons.
    With Simon Says on-prem they don't take any chances: import videos; get back a timecoded-transcript; make a few edits; and export subtitles / captions.
    Now they are ready for launch day, all without any exposure.
Seamlessly export to your video editing app

3. Media / Journalists transcribing interviews and mitigating reputational risks:
Maintaining trust between a journalist and an interviewee is key such as when promising confidentiality of an interview. Worse is if a recording ever gets out and the spillover damage to the reputation and brand of the news organization.
Why take any chances?
Media organizations that use Simon Says on-premise don't. They swiftly, accurately, and safely turn interviews to text with on-premise AI transcription and the journalists focus on finding the meaningful dialogue for their article.

Win, win, win!

We are grateful our customers have enlisted us to play a small part in their important workflow and we are always excited to hear of new ways we can help.

To talk to us about your endeavor and how Simon Says on-premise AI transcription solution can assist, contact us today.

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