Roger Mabon of mLogic | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2018 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan: That's very cool. That gets me to the point of what other good, exciting news do you have for us?

Roger Mabon: Like I was saying, we're really well-known for the archiving portion of what we're doing, but at NAB, introduced on Monday, we now have a whole line of RAID storage products.

LJ: Congratulations.

RM: Thank you. Getting back in the hard drive business again. I'm not sure what I'm thinking. But we've got some cool products, it's called the mSpeed.

LJ: mSpeed?

RM: Correct. They're tower units, 8 or 12 disk, and you can put a combination of hard drives or SSDs or a combination of both so you can kind of tune the performance. It's kind of cool that, when you put SSDs in the unit, you can just fully saturate the Thunderbolt 3 bus, like 2500 megabytes per second.

LJ: Roger, I hate to break this to you, but since you left the era of spinning media and you went into tape, other manufacturers have introduced RAID, so I can throw a rock and hit about 12 of them from here. Why did you decide to get into RAIDs and what makes yours special?

RM: Maybe I need to have my head examined.

LJ: That's a separate issue.

RM: Yeah. The products that we're coming out that use enterprise-class RAID controllers, we think we have an advantage in some of the performance. Some of the other competitor products, including my old company, are using, I believe, the older generation RAID system chips, but I think our ability to compete, which we're not known yet because we just introduced it, is we're not going to supply these with drives inside. As an end-user, you can actually put your own hard disks in or your own SSD or the reseller that you're working with can do the same. I think the biggest advantage is going to be pricing, cost. Our system is going to be much, much cheaper in regards to the competition.

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