Private, secure, auto-transcription. On-premise, NOT cloud-based.

For production companies, distributors, studios, the media, and others in film and entertainment.


I don't want to send my data to the cloud

And you shouldn't have to.

Simon Says' on-premise AI transcription features:

  • Accurate AI that runs locally, no data goes to the cloud
  • Transcribe audio/video locally and offline
  • A nifty user interface that makes it easy to import your media files (just drag and drop), edit/annotate/bookmark transcripts, and export your transcripts in a range of formats
  • Runs on Macs and PCs
  • Handles virtually all media file types and codecs
  • Exports to text, audio/video editing applications such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and FCPX
  • Supports timecode-based / frame-accurate transcription for video production environments

Simon Says started as a cloud-based transcription website and applications and grew to be the leading one with our suite of products and features. Yet many customers came to us saying they wanted to use it but couldn't because of the general risks of the cloud. They have sensitive projects and/or clients with strict compliance requirements (such as HIPAA, TPN, MPAA, SOC 2, CDSA) and only an on-premise transcription product would suffice.

We built Simon Says on-premise AI for all those who work with highly-sensitive content.

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Who is using Simon Says on-premise:

  • Companies, such as in marketing, communications, PR, HR, product, legal departments
  • Production companies, studios, broadcasters
  • Researchers
  • News / Media organizations
  • Legal, Medical, and Finance industries
  • Universities

What they are using it for:

  • Create accessible content (i.e. subtitle/caption video) for websites, social media, internal training;
  • Transcribe interviews, such as for research and customer development
  • Transcribe meetings, speeches, presentations
  • Transcribe rushes/dailies for post-production
  • Subtitle/caption video edits

System Requirements:

  • Mac or Windows
  • 4-core CPU minimum
  • 16GB of RAM, 32GB+ is preferred
  • 20GB of hard drive space
  • Most modern computers will easily meet the above requirements.
  • Minimum commitment:
  • 100 hours of transcription.

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