Philip Hodgetts of Lumberjack System | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2019 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan: And welcome back to day one of the 2019 NAB show. This is Larry Jordan. It's toward the end of the day, but I've got a great list of guests that I want to talk with this hour and hope that you'll enjoy it as well. We're going to start with a name that really needs no introduction, Philip Hodgetts, the president and CEO of Lumberjack System. Philip, welcome back.

Philip Hodgetts: Thank you, Larry.

Larry Jordan: I very much appreciate all your help on The BuZZ, not just today but in past years and past months. It's nice to finally say thank you.

Philip Hodgetts: Oh, my pleasure.

Larry Jordan: I know that you've been spending your time cooped up in your own booth, but as you've walked the halls, has anything caught your attention?

Philip Hodgetts: The LED lighting.

Larry Jordan: Really? How so?

Philip Hodgetts: And big, really beautiful glossy panels. I mean, we're in the central hall, so that's that hall, but you know, five years ago, there were niche players in LED lighting, a little bit like Light Panels particularly. You know, they were a quality product, a fairly expensive product and what we've seen is that the cost of LEDs have come down and so many more people are creating them in so many different styles and designsÔøΩ soft, hard, spotlights. We've got the whole range.

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