Pat Grosswendt of Litepanels | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2018 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Pat Grosswendt: They're very cool, it's a great technology but, as I told you before, Larry, we're grateful that we have our lights here for you, but it's really hard to improve perfection. You have to think of lights as not just a way of illuminating talent but being efficient with the money being spent by the end user.

Larry Jordan: We have to talk about money too?

PG: It's becoming a big concern for a lot of people with the direction of how revenue is gained by certain companies. It factors into production with how quickly the crew can manifest the image visually. Also, in other broadcast mediums where they're in rooms that are changing fluctuating temperature due to season, so it really fits everybody's agenda. To be honest, the world has come to accept LED technology for a retrofit and we're lucky that we're a part of the beginning of that and we're lucky that we're still around and working hard to improve the technology.

LJ: Which gets me to the next step. First when LEDs came out, they were cool, but they had some strange colors associated with them, and then we were able to get tungsten flavored LED lights. What's the technology now? What's the new news coming out of Litepanels?

PG: Our exciting new product is our Gemini. We debuted it quietly last year at NAB, but its official launch was at IBC in Amsterdam last year in the Rice Center. It is a two by one soft light that uses our LED technology to create daylight or tungsten full spectrum and then we've introduced the RGB technology to it, which allows you to use plus and minus green in your CCT settings.

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