Malik Khan of LTN Global | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2019 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan: One of the big problems that we've got with any kind of media is the file sizes are just gigantic. How do we get file A from point B to point C, and have it get there in our lifetime is a never-ending puzzlement to most of us. Malik Khan is the executive chairman of LTN global. And he has perhaps an answer for that question. Malik, thanks for joining us today.

Malik Khan: Thank you, Larry. Thank you for inviting me.

Larry Jordan: How would you describe LTN Global?

Malik Khan: Well, LTN Global is aÔøΩ as the name implies, a global network. We have data centers in three continents. Each data center has lots of workflow functions as well as transport our businesses to transport media all over the world. We work with all the major media companies like Disney, and Turner, and Fox, and CBS, etcetera. And we take their live and real-time video feeds, channels, events, etcetera, and we transport them all over the world in real time.

Larry Jordan: So in my intro, I was talking about moving files. You're actually moving live program.

Malik Khan: We're moving live programming, yes. We actually don't move files. Yeah. We focus on live and real-time traffic. What's interesting about our company is the industry. If I could take a second industry, it's going through some really really difficult changes.

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