Mad Libs to decide if on-premise A.I. transcription is right for you?!

Yah, you probably never expected to see "Mad Libs"and "on-prem A.I. transcription" in the same sentence but, well, if Mad Libs helps you determine if you are a good candidate for an on-prem A.I. transcription solution, then, heck, why not.


Simon Says on-prem AI transcription / subtitling: no data goes to the cloud
On-prem AI: accuracy, speed, and security benefitsÔøΩ NO data goes to the cloud.

A Mad Libs game: please answer the blanks from the provided choices.

We are excited for the benefits of artificial intelligence and speech recognition to swiftly and accurately ___________ (transcribe / subtitle / caption) our _________ (audio / video / interviews / edits).

We are a ___________ (company / team / production company / studio / university / corporation / law firm / research org) that works with ____________ (audio / video / interviews) which are ________ (sensitive / confidential / private) and/or we operate within a stringent, high-security environment.

Machine learning sounds cool and all but we don't want our material exposed and to become any ole A.I. training material.

We have compliance requirements, such as that of____________ (SOC 2 / MPAA / TPN / CDSA / HIPAA ), or work _________________ (with partners / within a strict framework) that has/have them.

We do not want to send anything off premise if we don't have to.

Even just the word 'cloud' creates shudders within my team, such as with my _________ (CEO / in-house counsel / Director of IT / Chief Information Security Officer / Department Head). I care about ______ (my / their / our) state of mind and I don't want anyone losing _____ (sleep / hair) wondering if a cloud provider got hacked and our private audio / video files got released.

We _______ (want) A.I. immense benefits to speed up our workflow and swiftly turn audio into meaningful text and subtitles and we want security. We also don't want to break the bank to get that security.

We are delighted that with_____________ (Simon Says on-premise A.I. solution) we don't have to make trade-offs: we get accuracy, speed, and security in an affordable solution that runs on any Mac or PC. Yiiippppeeee!

This is how I feel right now:_____

If on-premise A.I. transcription seems right for you, contact us to discuss your needs.

And if on-premise AI transcription is not right for you just yet, try our website, Mac app, or iOS app.

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