Jon Finegold of Signiant | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2019 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan: Welcome back. We're talking now with Jon Finegold. He's the Chief Marketing Officer for Signiant and joins us again for yet another year of bringing us up to date and what Signiant is up to.

Jon, for people that may not know, tell us what Signiant does.

Jon Finegold: Thanks for having me, Larry. Signiant has been around for a long time. Our focus is on intelligent file delivery. What that means in the simplest terms is we make it easy to move large files fast. We do that between people, between systems, and more and more to and from the cloud.

Larry Jordan: Now, what does that mean move files fast? I've got an internet connection. It's measured at so many megabits a second, or in my case, kilobytes a second or something like that. Anyway, it's really slow. How can you speed me up?

Jon Finegold: So what a lot of people don't necessarily realize is there's some different dimensions on the way things move over the internet. And when you transfer a file using standard internet technology there's a lot of latency, there's a lot of back and forth, often there's a lot of packet loss especially over long distance or over congested networks. And so, that's what weÔøΩ Our patented technology eliminates a lot of that. So when you're moving a large file over a great distance, we can sometimes move it up to 100 times faster than it would be over your normal connection.

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