John Payne IV of IMT Vislink | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2018 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan: If we're not doing broadcast, if we're doing, say, a documentary, can we use your facilities to bring remote cameras into a central recording service? We can have a documentary of a sports coverage or a documentary of some sort of event that's going on, can we use you there.?

John Payne IV: Absolutely. That would be more of our full-live linear kind of product line. We have the wireless camera products that would be able to bring those live feeds, at very low latency, into the production system.

LJ: This would be like a box that attaches to the camera?

JPI: Yes.

LJ: A box about how big?

JPI: In those, we have various sizes from the size of a cigarette pack for small format cameras and all the way up to the 4K product line, have we had launched at NAB as well, that produces live 4K back to the station in the size of a few slices of bread, if you will.

LJ: What have you got for us that's new this year?

JPI: Really, it's all about this workflow. Newsnet is what we've launched and that's really about bringing the studio workflows to the field. With that product line, it's not only a wireless IP connection, but it's around how do you manage that connection? You can have a human that's allocating bandwidth to different services, flipping switches, and controlling the assets in the field through web GUIs and things like that, but you're really snapping back into that old workflow when you do that. What we've launched this year is a full integration with MOS into the run down.

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