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Larry Jordan: One of the cool things I like is a tighter, increasingly tight integration, between After Effects and Premiere. And what I'm seeing also is some increasingly tight integration between Adobe Audition and Premiere so that Premiere continues to be a very tightly linked hub out of these other applications. My assumption is that's intentional?

Durin Gleaves: You assumed correctly. Actually, our team motto on the audio team has been: A life without interchange.

We want to get rid of the loss of information, the wasted time conforming changes, either burning in effects or removing effects, and trying to understand the intention of a video editor when that project comes into audition for a mix. And a lot of what we're doing is really trying to bring as much of that data, that metadata, the intention, the work that the video editor did upfront into the audio production environment so that it's not wasted, so that it's not thrown away. Even if the audio engineer at that time says,  "I'm going to get rid of all this and start from scratch," at least they have that baseline and they understand the intention of the editor or the director.

LJ: So, what's the key takeaway you want people to know about Audition?

DG: It's a fantastic audio workstation. It's got things that nobody else has.

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