Atlanta Monster Podcast | S1/E2: MANHUNT (Transcript)

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Atlanta Monster Podcast | S1/E2: MANHUNT (Transcript)
Length: 46 mins

MMÔøΩ Mary Miller
MalÔøΩ Male
PLÔøΩ Payne Lindsay
MRÔøΩ Male Reporter
JPÔøΩ Jim Porcopio
MMÔøΩ Mike McComas

MM: What we have is raw news footage from WSBTV. We have 17,000 hours of raw news footage. So far, I've identified 614 clips, but we have about another 150 tapes to scrub through. The whole time I've been working on this collection, I've been thinking someone someday, is going to come along and do this. It was you guys.

Mal: Step aboard our Tardis. It's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

PL: Where're we going?

Mal: Down to the sub-basement, high-density storage volt.

PL: It's like a rollercoaster.

Mal: Yes, I can make it go fast if you'd like.

Mal: It's a 30,000 square foot facility which we keep 50 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 30%. 32 feet from floor to the ceiling. Actually, the top of our ceiling there is the floor of the second floor.

Mal: Prior to us building this building here, was a Native American settlement of some sort here, if I understand what people have told me over the years. Everything is shelved down here by size and then by barcode.

PL: How many records do you think you guys have on the Atlanta child murders?

MR: In Atlanta, another body was discovered today, the twenty-third.

MR: At Police Task Force Headquarters, there are 27 faces on the wall. 26 murdered, 1 missing.

Mal: We do not know the person or persons that are responsible, therefore, we do not have a motive.

PL: From Tenderfoot TV and HowStuffWorks in Atlanta.

MR: Like 11 other recent victims in Atlanta, Rogers was apparently asphyxiated.

Mal: Atlanta is unlikely to catch the killer unless he keeps on killing.

PL: This is Atlanta Monster.

JP: Sketching back then wasn't what it is today. I mean, some of these sketches they come out with are better than photographs.

JP: Back then, you know, you worked with what you had and it was a pretty good sketch.

JP: We had a composite of who this guy would be.

PL: What did it looked like? Do you remember?

JP: Well, it was a Black male with bushy hair.

JP: I remember the composite sketch very well.

JP: This is a folder of paperwork I kept from my time as Administrative Coordinator of the Atlanta child murder case. There was an animosity between the local police and the FBI. One of the main things was the mayor, Maynard Jackson. He says,  "I want every living FBI agent. My police department is basically incompetent and they can't solve it. We need the FBI to solve it."

JP: So he threw his department under the bus. None of us wanted to get involved because it looked like just a local mess.

PL: This is Jim Porcopio, but he goes by Popcorn. He worked for the FBI alongside Mike McComas during the time with the Atlanta child murders.

PL: Mike actually introduced me to him.

MM: You'd probably interested in talking to Porcopio. Yeah, Popcorn is a good guy. Now, if you can get into his treasure trove, he's got boxes of stuff.

PL: Popcorn dealt with all the records and files in the FBI and, just like Mike McComas, he stressed the importance of a composite sketch they received early on in their investigation from a kid who told police that a man had tried to abduct him.

JP: Well, it was a Black male with bushy hair. I remember the composite sketch very well.

PL: After interviewing the kid, they were able to form a detailed sketch of the suspect, a Black male with bushy hair. After only a few minutes with Popcorn, you get the impression that this guy doesn't forget a thing.

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