Atlanta Monster Podcast | S1/E4: GEMINI (Transcript)

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Atlanta Monster Podcast | S1/E4: GEMINI (Transcript)
Length: 63 mins

PLÔøΩ Payne Lindsay
DHÔøΩ Dwayne Hendricks
MalÔøΩ Male

PL: This episode of Atlanta Monster contains explicit language listener discretion is advised.

DH: I'm in a recording studio and I'm recording a song and my phone rings. It's Wayne Williams. Everybody in the studio is likeÔøΩ Everyone was stuck.

PL: From that point forward, what transpired? What did Wayne say? What was developing after that?

DH: Welcome to the real world, Neo.

PL: So you know Wayne Williams?

PL: Describe Wayne to me. What is he like?

DH: Brilliant asshole [Laughs]. Very intelligent asshole, that's the best way I could put it. And I don't mean it in a bad way because I'm an asshole at times, but he's the type of person that you have to be very strong to deal with him because, mentally, he can just run over the average person.

Mal: In Atlanta, another body was discovered today, the twenty-third.

PL: From Tenderfoot TV and HowStuffWorks in Atlanta.

Mal: At Police Taskforce Headquarters, there are 27 faces on the wall; 26 murdered, 1 missing.

Mal: Like 11 other recent victims in Atlanta, Rogers apparently was. asphyxiated.

Mal: Atlanta is unlikely to catch the killer unless he keeps on killing.

PL: This is Atlanta Monster.

DH: The average person doesn't have the mental acumen to be able to hold conversations with this guy. I'll tell you about the asshole part.

DH: There had been multiple conversations that me and him have had that ended up in me basically having to curse him out and tell him,  "Look, dude, you got to shut the fuck up and let me do what I know how to do. You've been in prison for over 30 years and you don't understand how the world is operating right now, you understand? And you can't go under the premise and guise of how things are operating before you left the real world, so shut the fuck up and let me do what I do."

PL: He was trying to control things or what?

DH: Absolutely, absolutely. If you're not strong, he will have you doing some shit that maybe you don't want to do. It's been a roller coaster ride. It's been a roller coaster ride for the simple fact that you're dealing with, wow, a microcosm of so many different emotions and you're dealing with such a extreme personality.

DH: You're dealing with a guy who was supposed to be LA Reid. You understand? Wayne Williams started a radio station when he was 15 years old and it was successful. His family was educators and his dad was a college professor. He knew the people in the affluent circles of the city of Atlanta.

DH: You imagine somebody like myself, who has a very strong personality. Now, I meet this guy, 35 years removed from everything that has transpired and all of the psychological damage and everything else that he's had to endure, so we bump heads a lot. But you have to think this is a guy who had all this promise and was only a child and has been in prison and has had to watch his mom wither away and die, watch his dad wither away and die.

PL: When you first talked to Wayne, what did he tell you? In your first conversation, what was he saying to you?

DH: He started doing a background on me. He found out what I had already been doing as far as community activism and educating people in the Black community. So when we first talked, he wanted me to know that he was impressed with what he had already learned about me. So because he learned all of these things about me, he said he thought I was the perfect person to put together a documentary piece because I was aware of things that, publicly, most Americans just don't think it's possible or would never believe the cover-up by both the GBI and the FBI and how they played such a hand in this because, of course, whenever you get involved with something like this, it's always going to be a certain level of fear that will always be looming.

PL: What do you think Wayne cares about most as a person?

DH: I think, from what I know about him now, and this is a fault of his, very selfless human being, selfless so much so that he hurts himself. He's more concerned with helping this guy,  "This is a good kid. He's not supposed to be here."

PL: What do you mean, like someone in prison with him?

DH: Yeah, absolutely. And the thing of it is is that, dude, if you get out of prison and we prove what we can potentially prove, you're going to be able to help a lot of people that are in this kid's situation.

PL: You think Wayne cares more of other people than he does himself?

DH: Absolutely. I'm the same way, so I understand it. When you live in this world and you meet Morpheus, so to speak, and you make a decision to take the red pill and you see the injustices and you see the things that we see in this world that we just know are not right, but then you have an understanding of it from my perspective or Wayne's perspective. There always has to be a patsy and usually the person who's the patsy, they have some kind of connection, just as Lee Harvey Oswald did, to the CIA or to some sort of governmental agency, right?

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