Importing with timecode

Jan 23, 2022

The Simon Says macOS application uses the macOS operating system to transcode files. Unfortunately the macOS transcoder doesn't read/support framerate and start timecode.

If framerate/start timecode is important to you, import the file via the Simon Says website or you can manually set the start TC/framerate in Simon Says. (We recommend h264 MOV files when uploading to the Simon Says website as this spec will allow Simon Says to auto-read start TC and framerate. Learn more.)

The above does NOT apply when importing media from Final Cut Pro X to the Simon Says FCPX extension and Mac app. This is because FCPX passes start TC and framerate to Simon Says when using this method and so your media and transcript will stay in sync.


If you have already imported via the Simon Says Mac app and your start TC/framerate and transcript are not in sync, you can manually set the start TC and framerate in Simon Says by clicking the clock icon on the transcript's toolbar. Learn more and see option 2 here.